Heavens to Betsy 2

COMING in 2019


God is not finished with Betsy Simon yet! Her adventure continues in this heart-felt sequel to Heavens to Betsy.

Author, Betsy Simon finally finds career success when her new novel, “Heavens to Betsy” is published. The book tells the story of a young woman who is transported to an alternate universe where all the prayers she ever prayed are answered all at once.

Following advise from her agent, she tells the public that the book is a work of fiction but Betsy cannot continue to lie, so she risks her career and her credibility when she claims that the events portrayed in the book actually happened to her! Now she must defend her faith before a skeptical world when she agrees to do a high-profile interview with Tandum Dackery, a self-serving media personality who is bent on exposing Betsy as a fraud.

This follow-up to Heavens to Betsy is a delightful faith-based comedy with a poignant message about honoring God, no matter what the cost.


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